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After completing the particular course, how the best student protect their society?

It’s thedream of every student to graduate from their studies with flying colors. When a course ends, the student is bombarded with a plethora of choices he/shecanchoose for their respective future. Many students think that the next step after acing the course is to pick ajob that pays well. The whole idea is to work for a better and financially secure.

But these decisions are targeted towards the idea of making one’s own future safe, there is no consideration towards others around. Then again this leaves the door open for the argument “why should you meddle in other’s business.” The answer to that question lies in our species itself – we are human. We are social beings living among ourselves.

To Be Best Student, You Need To Be a Better Human

The compassionandempathy a human has plays large role in why are not is the same category as other animals. When you live in a society, there are certainresponsibilities you have on yourselves. In the case of students, they take a much more substantialplace as today’s students are the one who will l mold tomorrow’s world. The future is youth,and this is why students are the ones who will take the torch to the future.

So cansomeone who studies well can be regarded as the best student? No, we can say that he /she is best in their studies. But the best student should give something back to the society. A student’s mind will be buzzing with ideas aftercompleting their studies. Many of these ideas can solve real-worldproblems of the people in a society.

So what should a student do after completing a particular course? The answer is to delve deeper into the society that they are living in. find out the areas in the society that could use your help or do something that will have an impact for the collective good of the peoplein your society.

What all can a student after the completion of the course:

1.Teach the Illiterate: you have been blessed with the gift of knowledge. There aremany kids outthere who don’teven have the privilegeof basic education. Make an effort tohelp them out!

2.Social Infra-Structure: : Raise finds to open libraries, health centers, blood donation camps,etc.

3.Put An End To Antisocial Activates: : parents all overare alarmed by the news of their children being subjected to drug abused. Educatedstudents know how drugs destroy lives and it’s their responsibility to spread awareness on the same.

4.Aid the Distressed: : Be the beacon of light and compassion as the best student is essentially thebest human being. Help otherand see the society grow.

Remember, as when you are something for the betterment of others. Never expect anything back. It’s all abbot doing your part in making a world a better place. This is something that college or school education lacks. Today’sinstitution crams a student’s head with a lot of technical information. The important life education bits are lost in translation and left out as they are regarded irrelevance.

The only way a student can give back to the society is by knowing where the problem lies. Those issues can only be understood only if astudentdecides to make a change themselves. Remember, change starts with you!

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