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As a student, how can able to protect poor peoples in the society

We live in a world where we could talk to someone from another state or country in real time. Theseamazing feats have been made possible by the use ofelectronic and digital devices. It is again technology that gives us the power to access theinternet with a device that easily fits in our pocket.

So all their advancements show how far we have come in terms of developments but even then, as per the reports of 2017, about 815 million people in the world go to sleep without enough food! This is a very concerning matter because,with developments, mankind aims to solve the problems faced by them.

Poverty is definitely a problem can disrupttheprogress of a country easily. It is a truly dire situation when a family can’tafford basic living requirements like food and clothes; there are even people on the earth who can’tevenafford to shelter themselves.

But poverty is not permanent. Actually, it is one ofthat situationwhich can be completely averted with the introduction of a constantstream of earning. Often, poor people are given thesecond seat in society. They are seen through the eyes that judgepeople on how much their dressed and apparels cost.

Toshelter and preserve the interests of the poor, the change mustbe able to altertheviewpoint of each citizen. Even if there is a predefined notion about poor people that is engraved in the minds of the society, the next generation is a fresh page to start. Kids or students are the oneswho will lead the world tomorrow. Hence if the societyneeds to change, it should start with how the children are taught about the world. This is precisely why students are theray of hope the world has in ending all the discrimination and hate towards the poor.

There are many ways by which students can protect poor people in the society. The process isn’tcomplete by just protecting them; thewhole process is complete when the poor are given a helping hand. A waywith which they can improve and progress.

Eradicate hunger: Having proper nutrition helps a human being to be energetic and keeps them healthy. If a student wants to protect the poor, the change should start from protecting the poor from starvation.

Protect the poor from elements: Having a roof over their headsin itself gives a great sense of protection. Conduct campaigns or awareness to help the poor in regards tobasic living requirements.

Donate and volunteer: People dump clothes and apparels that no longer fit them. But that might be all that the poor need to keep themselves warm and covered. A student can make an effort to collect clothes and apparelsfor the poor from various sources.

Volunteer:Even if a student by themselvescan’t make a change, he/she can be a part of an organizationof agroup to help the poor. An organization will also have more funding and reach.

If every student in the world took measure to prevent poverty and protect the poor, the world wouldcertainly be a better place for all.

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