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How to build students as a responsible citizen?

The’ youth population’ is the lifeblood of every country in the world. ‘Youth population’ itself, can be divided into three categories:

• Under 18

• Under 25

• Under 35

As a whole; we can say that the youth population is primarily made up of students. These ‘students’ too, can be broken down into different categories. Some attend schools, some attend colleges and some attend universities. The core joining these three categories of students is: their quest towards learning.

A country’s growth is greatly determined by its citizens. The younger citizens of a country have more to offer in terms of life. Therefore; every country must focus on developing its ‘youth population’ (students) into responsible citizens that contribute to the country and the society in which they live.

Who is a ‘Responsible Citizen’?

I read this in an essay written by one of the best online essay writing services; there are certain common-things that are associated with ‘responsible citizenship’. A responsible citizen is one who:

• Respects their country

• Follows rules (laws)

• Is empathetic to society and the natural environment

• Respects the customs that prevail or are important in the country

• Doesn’t damage societal property or litter

Students are a very different from other classes in society. What’s more is that; the characteristics that embody students differ from one generation to another. So, my insight on transforming students into responsible citizens of the country is based on the attitude and characteristics of the present generation youth; Generation Y and Generation Z.

Spread awareness of rights and responsibilities: A good, responsible citizen of a country knows their rights and responsibilities extremely well. In a hypothetical situation wherein every student in a class owns an essay writing service company, ‘Freedom Of Speech And Expression’; gives every student the right to call their service the ‘best essay writing service’. People need to be taught of their rights and responsibilities in society. Students, especially require such education.

Role of schools in developing ‘responsible student citizens’: Students spend more time in school, colleges or universities than at home. Therefore; these institutions can play a huge role in developing the responsibility of ‘citizenship’ within them. A class on ‘Responsible Citizen’ is a must. Making it a compulsory subject in schools can go ways in developing responsible citizens. It will at least make students more empathic and understanding towards the concept of ‘citizenship’. Around this subject; certain projects can designed to make the learning more practical oriented. For example; colleges can have a ‘best college essay’ or ‘best college paper writing’ or other such essay writing competitions on topics that speak about building responsible citizenship in students.

Role of role-models, idols and eminent personalities in developing ‘responsible student citizens’: Idols or role-figures play a very important role in a student’s life. Important personalities in society too, help shape the perceptions of the youth in the society due to the influence that they can exert on these individuals. Therefore; as parents or teachers or whoever you are to the student; try to be a good role-model. Coming back to the same hypothetical situation; if you are a role-model to a student and you tell him/her today, that the society needs a new company that offers ‘best paper writing services’ at affordable rates for students; he/she may be aspired to form a venture that does just that and serve the society accordingly. Who knows, this tiny-enterprise may just become the best essay writing service in the country someday.

There are many ways to build responsible citizens out of students. The onus lies on the students, their parents and to a great extent; their teachers. Spreading awareness and ensuring that they have the right role-models; is the best and most basic strategy to follow when trying to build ‘citizenship’ in any student.


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