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How to protect our environment from pollution

We have abused and ruined our planet to such an extent that soon there will be no place left on earth that will not be polluted. Every breath that we take is full of toxins and pollutants. With every action of humankind, Earth is being destroyed steadily every single minute, which in turn will affect all living being. Industries and power plants are major contributors in polluting the environment.

Some simple acts which can go a long way in preventing our environment from pollution.

• Prevent Deforestation

• Avoid plastic, switch to metal

• Conserve water and electricity

• Avoid burning waste.

• Try cycling or walking for shorter distances

• Reduce, reuse and recycle

• Use biodegradable materials

These are just simple things, but not many bother to follow it.Some simple acts that we overlook and can protect our planet from pollution.

1. Most of us, overfill the fuel tanks of our vehicles not realizing that overfilling the tank causes emission of toxic gases into the environment, due to improper processing of gasoline.

2. Using oil-based paints for painting houses releases hydrocarbon fumes that are harmful to the environment. It is advisable to use latex paints.

3. STOP cutting trees! Something that everyone is aware of. Though we forget that trees don’t just provide oxygen, they stop soil erosion. Plants can grow only on the top-soil.

4. Never put hazardous waste like paints, batteries, etc., in dustbins. Batteries contain nickel and cadmium which are better to keep from going into a landfill. Organize for the hazardous waste collectors to pick it up. If they are burned, they release poisonous gases into the environment.

5. Our common everyday products like soaps, shampoos and detergents are equally harmful to the environment, as they finally flow into rivers and oceans and contaminating them.

6. Buying unpackaged fruits and vegetables is a better alternative to going for unnecessary packages.

7. Avoid using pesticides on your lawn, instead use natural pesticides, because when the plants are watered, the excess runs into sewers which in turn contaminates water bodies.

8. Use digital thermometer instead of a mercury one, because if it breaks, it can evaporate and contaminate the surrounding air.

9. Avoid eating farmed fishes. Antibiotics and chemicals added to the water to keep the fishes disease-free are highly contaminated and cause irreversible damage to the environment.

10. Try going vegetarian. Animals and insects play an essential role in keeping a balance in the ecosystem. Their dropping act as a natural fertilizer for the land which helps in growing healthier plants, thus keeping a check on the fertilizers.

It is time that we become more aware and also create awareness among people to protect and safeguard our planet from getting destroyed. There are a lot of small things that will go a long way in protecting our environment and the planet.

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