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Teachers impact on students’ engagement and motivation

Introduction :

Well, the role of a teacher in a student’s life can’t be summed up in words as it is as vast as an ocean. He is the mentor, guide, path-finder, leader, pacemaker, a power house of motivation and so on. An efficient teacher could shape the entire future of the young brigade of any nation. Furthermore, the importance of a teacher increases by manifolds when it comes to increasing the engagement and motivation of the students. The role of a teacher is not restricted only to studying the curriculum and evaluation the answer sheets. It is far-fetched from this. He plays an imperative role in shaping the overall personality of the students.

A teacher acts as a catalyst when it comes to improving the students’ engagements towards academics.

Here’s how:

1) They take the leads when it comes to understanding the need of students- Teachers are well aware of the fact that each student is different from other. Thus, they work in the same direction. If a student is good in mathematics and can’t write an appealing assignment then the teacher will understand the need to focus on the writing ability. They will give valuable inputs such as taking professional help of best online essay writing services or reading a newspaper daily to improve the skills. A proper guidance and advice are more valuable than a solitaire.

2) They pay attention to achievements more than flaws- We all love to hear applauds for our success. When we are at school the yearning for applauds is more as compared to other times. Teachers who pay attention to even minute success and reward the students actually build a sense of accomplishment and deliver at par in the students. This small gesture of rewards and acknowledgment compel students to participate more zestfully is each academic activity.

3) They guide not ruled over the students- Teachers know that the students are an abundant source of energy and idea. Thus, they remain open to their suggestions. They guide them when they are in dilemmas such as which project should be made, how the best essay can be written, and how to improve their drafting skills. With the virtue of their experience, they guide the students with possible solutions such as read about the latest inventions; take the help of online student essay writing services and so on. Under the thorough and worthy guidance, they are more likely to focus on their goals and gets motivated.

4) They increase the self-believe of the students- Self-believe is the key to survive for a student. Studies across the globe have established the fact that students tend to engage more when they are their own learning masters. Teachers should allow them to take the lead, but their guiding hand will always be there to back them. For instance, if a student finds essays writing an interesting task but finds difficulties to jot down the words, a teacher’s suggestion to improve the writing skills via worthy means of best college paper writing is highly laudable and viable. Teachers can encourage students to take the challenges rather than going away from them.

A teacher is not only a mentor but a person who can help to sail through the sea of challenges and hurdles. Their praiseworthy suggestions such as taking the assistance of best paper writing services, self-believe and focused bend of mind are the chief tools to engage students more deeply in their academics.


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