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What are the things that a society expects from a student?

Introduction- Students are the future of any nation. This young brigade is the key factor to determine how a nation is going to mark its presence at the global world. While students shape the society, society also shapes them. In a nutshell, they both co-exist.

As human is a social animal, lone survival is not possible for any human being. We live, survive and thrive in the society. When it comes to students, society plays a crucial role as it is the first school where they learn manner and general manner. Society instills cultural values in them and lends a hand to make responsible citizens. Society also expects certain amount to output from the students to make it a better place to live. It goes without saying that skilled and competent students lay foundation of a better tomorrow and cultured society.

There are numerous expectations that a society keep from a student. Some are major and few are minor, some are essential and few are excessive, some are required and few are obligatory. Summing up then is highly arduous. Plus, the expectations changes with the change of society. This is not necessary that two society demands the same sort of dedication from its young blood. They are highly situational dependent.

Still, there are some which are as omnipresent as the grass is.

1.Expectation to understand the worth of education- It is often found that students take education for granted. Society expects that they should understand the worth of it and make the most out of it. They should evolve as an individual with a primary goal to hold sway over the minimum education. Education is the most powerful tool to fight against all evils. It not only makes us competent but also enlightens ourselves to take better decision for the betterment of the world. Society expects that the student should understand this very fact well in advance and utilize their student life to gain the maximum knowledge as they are going to lead the nation in near future.

2.Expectations to understand their social responsibilities- As we all know how society and human race co-exist. Being an internal part of the society, we all have some rights and duties. If we can enjoy our rights, carrying out our social responsibilities and duties is also crucial. No matter how developed a country is, there are some amounts of underprivileged people who don’t get access to the primary and essential education. Students should use their skills and knowledge to educate that underprivileged section of the society. In this way, they can empower each and every part of the society which will help in long run.

3.Expectation to build a corruption-free society- Corruption is a slow poison for any society. The demon has rooted itself in almost society and making it shallow from inside. Society expect from its youth to build a corruption-free society which only has place for a fair play. If corruption keeps on existing and flourishing in similar fashion, the day of epic fall of the society is not o far. As youth is the future of any society and nation, the responsibility to build a corruption-free society comes in their shoulder. They should not opt for corrupt practices and encourage others to do so.

4.Expectations to say no to drugs and terrorism- Drug and terrorism are two demons which swallow any society in no time. The saddest part is students are the prime victim of these two demons. In this scenario, social expects that student should be aware how they are destroying them and society. A society expects that students should be conscious enough to make the decision which would be beneficial for both of them.

As they say, today’s youth is tomorrow's nation; the contribution of students to shape the society is beyond elucidation. Society plays a crucial role in the formative years of a student and students should have strong ardor to pay it back to society be above-mentioned deeds.


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