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What is Critical Review

A critical review is the synopsis and assessment of the thoughts and data in an article. It communicates the essayist's perspective in the light of what you definitely know regarding the matter and what is procured from related writings. In simple word critical review is the review of a piece of writing that combines a summary and a critical comment. For writing critical review two skills are very important and that two skills are nothing but seeking information, reviewing effectively.

The critical review can be of a document like a book or a chapter or any other piece of writing. For writing critical review first you read the selected piece of writing and understand about it and summaries it and prepare critical review. If you not get the selected article or book or any other thing then you can’t able to write your critical review because critical review is the summary of selected piece of writing. Critical review generally four page length and the structure of the critical review is Introduction, Summary, Main body, Conclusion and References.

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